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Health and Safety

Prepared by the Committee of Technicians constituted by ICTE in collaboration with the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Apartments (CEHAT) and territorial sector organizations, agreed with the Spanish Association of Labor Prevention Services (AESPLA), PRLInnovación, Coordinated by the Secretariat of State of Tourism, the Autonomous Communities and the FEMP.

Management company, QUIRONPREVENCIÓN.

The hotel makes a firm commitment to risk management, leading the systematic implementation of measures aimed at minimizing it. Risk management is part of all the processes of the establishment; therefore, the different processes are coordinated with each other.The choice of the type / s of service should aim to reduce handling and customer intervention to prevent the risk of contagion.
The hotel, based on QUIRONPREVENCIÓN and the risk assessment, has a contingency plan that details the concrete measures to be adopted to reduce the risks of infection by COVID-19.

This contingency plan carried out by our management company QUIRONPREVENCIÓN includes;

•    Previous implementation of general protection measures against exposure to the Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2).
•    Adoption of necessary hygienic measures (ensure access to soap and water, disposable paper and litter bins. In places where this is not possible, hydroalcoholic gels).
•    Establishment of special cleaning and disinfection measures (for facilities, surfaces and work equipment).
•    Assessment of the need for personal protective equipment in the tasks or processes determined by the level of risk.
•    Training and information in the company for workers on measures against exposure to Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2).
•    Establishment of sanitary measures for the prevention of risk and damage derived from people at risk and especially sensitive
•    Establishment of sanitary measures for action when "suspected or activated" of a possible case in the company,
•    Presence of subcontractors or other companies in the workplace, and their adequacy within the coordination of activities.
•    Signage and infographics in the workplace.
•    Interpersonal safety distances must be respected in all activities. For this, the necessary protective measures and equipment must be guaranteed.
•    The "Procedure of action for occupational risk prevention services against exposure to SARS-CoV-2" (Ministry of Health, 2020) establishes the safety distance at 1,5 m.

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